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Quality of instruction will determine how much it costs to pass your driving test, so price should not be the only criteria you use for selecting a driving instructor. Below are some other questions that you should ask before deciding who to learn with.

Are you fully qualified?
Yes I am.
Some instructors are only part qualified (trainees). These instructors have only been teaching for a maximum of 6 months and have not passed the final exam in the process of becoming fully qualified. You might even be their first ever pupil.
I recommend that you use a fully qualified instructor who must display a green octagonal badge in their window, as opposed to the pink triangular badge displayed by trainees.

Do I need to book a block of lessons?
Some driving schools insist that you book a course of several lessons before you even see your instructor. What happens if you do not get on with the instructor, or the car?
I recommend that you only book one lesson and see how things go, if you are not satisfied you should go elsewhere. If you are happy then it is up to you whether you book one or several lesson at a time.

Do I get a discount for making a block booking?
Pay for 5 or more lessons up front and you get a discount of 1/hr.

How long is each lesson?
1 or 2 full hours, it is your choice.
Some driving schools insist that you always have 2 hour lessons, these can be very tiring if you are being taught properly and cost a lot. Other driving schools have lessons that only last for 50 minutes so that the instructor has time to travel from one pupil to the next, so ensure that you know how long your lesson will be.
I recommend 1 hour lessons when you first start then see how you feel.

Do I have to share the lesson with other pupils?
This is known as piggybacking and means that on your lesson you will be dropping off the last pupil and/or picking up the instructors next pupil. Do you want to drive with an extra passenger looking at your every move?
I recommend that you make sure that you are the only pupil in the car at a time.
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